Super Mario Crossover

Have you heard about Super Mario Crossover in the online gaming world? If you haven’t played it, then you should. Super Mario Crossover is one of the coolest games in town because it is the well loved Mario Brothers game with a whole new twist.

Usually when we talk about Super Mario Brothers, the characters everyone thinks in mind are Mario and Luigi. Both the brothers need to jump out of turtles, deep pits and plant traps, hit on bricks and collect flowers and stars in order to win in this zany mushroom Mario world. You need to spend most of your time playing Mario Brothers to memorize the mazes and enemy attacks in order to advance to the higher levels. In the end, playing the same red and green characters over and over again is quite boring.

But with Super Mario Crossover, you have more character choices with different character skills. Crossing over Mario Crossover are also well known characters from other Nintendo games which are Samus Aran from Metroid, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Megaman from the same title game and Bill Rizer from Contra. All of these characters are in their mini pixel form ready to fight the evil turtles and invade underground tunnels in Super Mario Crossover.

Each of the additional characters has their own skills in Super Mario Crossover which can be upgraded with mushrooms, fire flower and stars, just like the typical Super Mario Brothers game. For example, Bill has a gun that can shoot from a short range and when he gets a fire flower, it turns to a machine gun that can blast off in all directions imaginable. Link can use his boomerang and sword, but when he gets the fire flower he can throw his sword in a far direction.